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Boost the image of your company with corporate name badges

All businesses are looking for that competitive edge, and one of the most effective ways of getting it is through corporate branding. Corporate branding can seem like a vague concept, but it’s one of the primary ways organisations can create a positive image. And when it comes to business, perception is reality.

Corporate branding means building an identity – an identity that customers trust, and that appeals to their value systems. Building a visual identity is important to make your brand more recognisable. The basic principle of branding is creating a design and colour scheme that is uniform across all visual signifiers, including newsletters, website, signs, and advertisements. Your logo may be the most important part of your business’s visual identity, but permanent name badges for staff can also play a key role.

Having your staff members wear permanent name badges emblazoned with your company’s name and logo can be an extremely effective and affordable branding technique. Your employees become walking, talking advertisements for your company when at work and dealing with customers. When an employee provides exceptional customer service and your company logo is clearly displayed, your company becomes associated in the customer’s mind with great service.

So what can professional looking name badges, and other well-executed branding techniques, say about your company?

Your company takes pride in its work

When a company proudly displays a logo, it sends the message that the owner takes pride in the products and services offered. This is even more the case if employees wear name badges. It works the other way as well. When employees are wearing name badges, they may be more aware that they are representing a brand, and therefore may be more accountable, and more aware of their behaviour.

Your company has integrity

A well-developed branding strategy can give your business the mark of integrity, provided of course that it is backed up with quality service. Being consistent with your message and having a professional branding strategy makes your business seem more credible. For great tips about branding, visit this website.

Your business is well known

The better your branding strategy, the more visible your company will be, and that can only be a good thing. So why wouldn’t you make the relatively small investment in permanent name badges if it’s going to make your company more visible? Not only can it make people more likely to remember your company, it can differentiate you from your competitors.

Signal Advantage specialises in producing professional corporate name badges that reflect a company’s branding strategy. Signal Advantage understands the importance of name badges as a branding strategy, even commissioning a study that showed staff members who wear name badges are more favoured by shoppers.

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