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Business communication basics: Getting your point across

Communication is integral to a successful business, both between business and customer, and internally. Keeping staff informed is essential if you want to ensure they can do their job properly, and best represent the company. Most big businesses will employ a communications manager specifically for this purpose. No matter how big or small your organisation is there are several ways to communicate with your employees, and effectively get your point across.

Choose your method

Create an email mailing list (or lists) of employees is the first step. This is quick and simple if you are a small organisation with just a small number of staff. If you run a larger business, it might be worth creating several lists to cover general employees, supervisors and management. Communication by email is easy if you are in an office, but might not be suitable for all organisations. Other options are noticeboard flyers (for informal matters) or direct correspondence.

In many situations, a meeting or presentation might be the best way to discuss pertinent issues. This is a good option for important business matters and it ensures you know that all staff members have received the information first-hand. If you are located in different offices or stores, consider bringing everyone together for a presentation, or even using something like video-conferencing to share information across the organisation.

Decide on your presentation

Before any meeting or presentation, it’s essential that you prepare exactly what needs to be covered. Create a document that you can work through, and you might also provide copies of essential points to staff. Reading a dry report is not the best way to impart information, of course. It’s essential to engage your audience, so do your best to make it relevant, interesting and to the point. Avoid waffle and repetition. And always invite feedback and discussion, if appropriate. Staff members that feel engaged and valued are more likely to give your company their all – and be interested in what you have to say.

Make it shine

To get your point across, it helps to make it visually appealing. Visual aids such as data projectors are always a good option during any sort of presentation. You can use a data projector to project a summary of key points on a screen, or to show an illustration. Don’t have any photographs that suit your subject? Then think laterally, and show a photograph or table that best gets across the general idea. If you are discussing growing your business with new products for instance, but don’t have product imagery on hand, try a general stock shot of customers queuing up to enter a store (just one example!).

In short, if you’re looking to communicate well with your staff, it’s essential to be clear, concise and to the point, and maybe just a little bit entertaining. Do make a point to invite feedback, so that staff feel that they are a valued part of the organisation, and you’ll be in a great position to get the point across every time.

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