Sydney Criminal Lawyers Team

Long Tail SEO Success: A Case Study

Sydney Criminal Lawyers is Australia’s leading and most awarded criminal law defence firm.

Seven years ago, they embarked on an SEO strategy that has since driven highly valuable traffic to their site.

This case study delves into how long tail keywords have worked in their favour.

If you discovered a way to attract 7,000% more visitors to your business website and increase your conversation rate by 700% (yes percent in both cases), by adding high quality and engaging blog content, how quickly would you take up that opportunity? It’s a level of change that could have quite an impact on turnover.

Our client, Sydney Criminal Lawyers has done exactly that over the past 7 years. The good news is that we have agreed to share the content strategy and results with our readers.

The long tail keyword strategy

Seven years ago, we decided to target long tail keyword phrases (and topics arising from these phrases) for the SCL website. These were long tail phrases and topic areas that were already bringing some traffic to the …

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Voice search

Voice search is on the rise. Is your small business ready?

If you give any child, say around the age of 10, a smartphone, their favourite function by far is the voice assistant. They love its ability to interact – to find and play songs, tell jokes, and provide directions.

But with technology moving the way it is, voice enabled technology isn’t child’s play any longer.

At this year’s Google I/O conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, unveiled a brand-new voice assistant, Google Duplex, that introduces a new way to carry out “real-world” tasks over the phone, like booking a beauty appointment or making reservations at a restaurant.

Sounds like the stuff of sci-fi films?  Well it’s not. It’s here and now. And this new level of artificial intelligence will soon permeate all of our technology – whether it’s ‘smart home’ devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, as well as our laptops, desktops and cars.

What’s important to note about this new voice technology is that it’s not only getting better at recognising commands, it is becoming way more user-friendly by focusing on real life demands.

The …

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Promoting content

You have a blog to post; now what?

If you own a website, you should be uploading blogs to it regularly. This includes all sites, not just information based ones but also sites that are for business, services or products. The reasons for this include improving your SEO, going up the Google ranking ladder, increasing traffic, widening your audience, cementing your professional authority within your industry and converting potential customers into real customers.

However, the work doesn’t end with you pressing publish on a blog post. The next steps are promoting it to make sure the blog actually gets read by the right audience. Here’s how:

Use your email database

This is probably the most important point within this entire article. Don’t underestimate the power of your email database to get your message across to the right people. Email has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to get people clicking on a blog post, so it should always appear on your blog marketing plans.

It makes sense that email should be one of the first ways to promote your latest blog …

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Information on your website

Information on your website: are you giving away too much for free?

Your website is a very important component of your business, even if you are running a bricks and mortar shop. The website can be the first place your potential customers find you, and where you can begin to engage with them. By putting information on your website, you are making it easier for them to find you as well as discover what your business is all about. But how much information is too much? If you give it all away for free on your site, won’t that stop people from becoming paying customers? Not at all. In fact, it can help attract even more customers.

Trust is an important part of doing business, even more so today than ever before. People have choices now. They no longer have to buy their products from Joe Bloggs down the road. With the internet, they can buy anything from anywhere around the world. So how do they decide who they should buy from? Or who to do business with? Usually, it comes down to the person or business they feel …

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Web Content

4 reasons you should update your website content

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools, no matter what business you are in. It is out there working for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Getting your name out there, advertising your services and selling your products.

That is why it is so important to have a website that functions the best it can, and one that stays relevant and up-to-date.

One way of ensuring your website is always fresh and relevant is by updating the content on a regular basis. There are many reasons why you need to take the time to do this.

Here are the top four:

Search engines

It’s important for your business that your website can be found via search engines. A way to improve your chances of being found is by having your content refreshed often.

When you update your website, the search engines will take notice and will revise your site ranking. If you leave your website alone, the search engines will assume it is dormant and will start skipping your site …

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Evergreen content

Why you need evergreen content on your business website

It’s a funny term, and one you may have heard used before but not really understood what it means: evergreen content.

So what exactly is evergreen content and why does your business need it?

Evergreen content is good quality content that is relevant now, tomorrow and always. It is not content that is centred around current affairs, but is instead based on topics that will continue to be of interest for a long time after it is published.

Evergreen content includes topics such as; parenting and family, careers and finance, health and fitness, diet and nutrition (although some ‘fad’ diets may stop being relevant over time). These are the kinds of topics that people will always be interested in and will always be searching for.

The format of evergreen content can be articles/blogs, lists, videos or ‘how-to’. Topics that are not considered evergreen is anything that is current for a specific time, such as: news and current affairs, statistics, seasonal or holiday articles and anything that is trending. If you need to put a special day or …

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Trust online

How to Communicate Your Business Credibility Online

Credibility is a word that gets a lot of use, but may not always be well-understood. According to one online dictionary, it refers to ‘the quality of being believable or worthy of trust’. In terms of running a profitable business, credibility is therefore paramount. Unless people see your business as being credible and trustworthy, you are likely to struggle to reach your goals.

Of course, having good credibility is not enough in itself – you also need to communicate it to the right people. This is especially important now, with word-of-mouth feedback becoming increasingly trusted online.

The starting point

Naturally, the basis of being credible and trustworthy is to be the best you can. After all, it will be impossible to spread the news of your great credibility unless you have it! This starts with understanding your target market really well, providing a great product or service and delivering on promises, and also building a top quality website that has great SEO – such as meta titles and tags and awesome relevant content with a judicious use of search terms. …

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Authority site

What Site Authority is and How to Achieve it

As our title suggests, in this post we will take a look at ‘site authority’ – what it means to search engines, how to achieve it and what you can do if your authority content is plagiarised.

What exactly is meant by site authority?

Google describes a number of features that describe an authority site. These include:

It provides trustworthy, factual information that is well-written. The content author has expertise on the written subject and / or knows about the topic in depth. The site content is original. Site content is geared towards its audience and not written solely or mostly for ranking purposes. The site is a recognised authority on its topic.

More information on what constitutes site quality can be found here.

Achieving site authority

From Google’s point of view, achieving site quality and authority involves focussing on providing the best possible user experience possible, rather than becoming fixated on their latest algorithmic signals. This is because the search function is not an exact science, and any attempts to manipulate content in order to improve rankings …

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Matt Cutts Head

The Importance of Body Content to SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts posted a very amusing head-only, bodiless video of himself to emphasise the importance of the ‘body’ on your website as well as the ‘head’, and how the two should match. It might sound like good old common sense to many of us, and possibly that’s why he didn’t labour the point, but clearly he thought it needed to be brought to site owners’ attention as a reminder.

The body versus the head

So, while the head (title tags, headings and so on) is pretty clear, what is the body? Well basically in this context, Matt Cutts is referring to site content. Despite the constant emphasis these days on quality content being a core metric used by search engines, it seems that not everyone is getting the message about the importance of body content to SEO. And even among those who are, sometimes a few extra pointers are needed.

The overarching point regarding site content is that of recognising that you are creating it for real people and not for Googlebots, and that all your content …

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Google Authorship

Google Removes Authorship Photos – What Now?

Google has announced big changes to the way Authorship shows up in search results. Under the changes, announced a couple of weeks ago, photos and circle counts will no longer appear. The move might have left you (and quite a few others!) scratching your head and wondering how the change will affect you and what you should do about it. In this post, we will take a look at Google’s reasoning behind the decision, and what you can do to help maintain your position on the web.

Why is Google removing photos from search?

One of the main reasons cited by Google is that they want to clean up SERP visual design so that it is less cluttered, and also more streamlined and consistent across multiple devices – especially mobile ones. This is because Google is of the view that mobile use will surpass that of desktop in the very near future, and photos can take up a lot of space on a small screen, creating a lot of unwanted clutter.

Is there more to it?

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