What Are the Benefits of Retargeting?

What Are the Benefits of Retargeting?

As you are no doubt aware, any form of online marketing is aimed at gaining more customers and increasing the rate of actual sales. A website might be awesome and eye-catchingly brilliant, but if its conversion-to-sales rate is low, it might just be missing the mark somewhere along the line.

If this happens, it can be a sign that your marketing efforts need some honing and refining. This is where retargeting comes in.

What is retargeting and why does it matter?

Retargeting is a form of marketing to audiences based on their previous behaviour. It matters because it provides a way to better target people who are more likely to actually be interested in a product and to make a purchase.

In a sense it can really only be called ‘retargeting’ if the person targeted has bought from the company before. However, the term also relates to targeting people based on past search behaviours and habits, whether they purchased or not.

When you think about it, prior to the internet, companies may have sent you mail marketing material they …

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Local SEO and Link Building

Introducing Our New Packages at SEO for Small Business

It’s all very well reading about the things you need to do to in your online marketing practices – such as injecting regular content into your site, doing social media updates, using analytics to measure your impact, and so on. But it’s next to useless if you don’t have the time, skills or even the motivation to actually do it. And if you are not able to employ someone to do it for you, you might find your stress levels going up, while your website traffic is possibly going down!

To help you get the most out of your online marketing, we’ve recently developed two new packages that go way beyond SEO, both of which are designed to generate more website traffic and leads and sales for your business. Depending on your needs and budget, either of these packages could save you some precious time and energy that you need for running your enterprise. And the beauty of these (as for all of our packages) is that you don’t need to enter into any contracts, which means you can cancel …

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Why Should Small Business Buy Search Ads?

Why Should Small Business Buy Search Ads?

While free advertising through organic visibility on Google and other search engines can provide your business with online exposure for marketing purposes; the option of paid search ads should not be dismissed out of hand. This is especially the case when you consider that paid ads are actually designed by search engine companies – the creators, controllers and experts of online search itself!

Benefits of paid search ads for small business

Online competition is fierce – this can especially be the case for small businesses. Simply getting noticed online amongst the noise and the ‘big guns’ out there can be tricky. And with most people being unlikely to click beyond the first page of search results, a paid campaign could provide your business a visibility boost at critical times. Getting started – a start-up small business may find that a paid ad campaign – even a temporary one – can at least get them some visibility online and give them a foot in the marketing door, so to speak. Help from the experts – paid ads may be good for …

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Google Authorship

Why You Should Make the Most of Google Authorship

Why You Should Make the Most of Google Authorship

We all know that getting noticed on the web is not always so easy, and by now you probably realise that any ethical method or tool that can help promote your website should be taken full advantage of. This is why you need to take a look at Google Authorship, and how it can be used to promote your content and in turn, your business.

What is it?

Google Authorship is a means to connect the content you create with your Google+ account. Basically, you create a link between content you have created on your blog, your website, someone else’s website, and your Google+ profile page.

Why do I need it?

If set up and managed well, Google Authorship enables you to become established as a verified and identified author of your content, and a trusted authority on your chosen topics. There are a heap of advantages to Authorship:

Content linked to Google+ profiles is given priority and indexed faster than general content on the web, giving you the potential for …

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What is Influencer Marketing, and What Does it Mean for Businesses?

Influencer marketing might sound a bit like a trendy new buzzword, but the fact is it might just be the marketing technique of the 21st century. This is especially likely in light of the fact that people are becoming less trustful of brands, and a little weary of traditional advertising. This means they are tending to ignore the ‘hype’ that can be a feature of many marketing and advertising campaigns.

So just what is influencer marketing?

This marketing technique involves utilising the impact that influential people have on a target market, through their acts of ‘spreading the word’ to their followers about a brand or product. These ‘influencers’ may be online bloggers with a large following, or they might be those who have a strong influence and audience on social media, and so on. In this sense, in marketing campaigns of the future, it may become not only about what is said, but also about who said it.

Why go this route?

Simply put – it is working better than more traditional forms of marketing. Research indicates that …

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How Keyword Research is Evolving

How Keyword Research is Evolving

SEO is growing up, evolving, maturing. Similar to the way a child starts out learning a few simple words and then gradually progresses to long sentences, SEO is graduating from a focus on simple keyword matching to a focus on knowledge and concepts, and better answers to user queries.

Let’s face it – human beings don’t think in terms of simple search terms and keywords. Our minds revolve around ideas, concepts, and topics. We are curious, and want answers to questions, and solutions to problems. We want information that is reliable, truthful, and that will add value to our lives. The words we use have context, and relationship to each other.

With this in mind, search engines are changing to try and understand and take into account the meaning behind the words we use when searching on the internet, to enable us to find more complete and comprehensive answers to our queries.

How does this affect keyword research?

Keywords still have relevance in SEO, but keyword research is evolving. The development of semantic search that is focused more …

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Internet Marketing Agency for Small Business

Five Things That Make a Great Internet Marketing Agency for Small Business

If you own a small business, or are in the process of launching a new venture, you are more than likely aware of the importance of online marketing. With an effective and well-executed internet marketing strategy, your business will be able to flourish in today’s competitive environment. Without some form of online marketing, however, it is likely that your business will struggle, and potentially not survive.

You may not have the experience and expertise to put together an online marketing strategy yourself, and this is why many small business owners choose to use a specialist internet marketing agency for small business. Using a marketing agency to handle your online marketing can help ensure you have the best possible chance of success, and free up time for you to spend on other core areas of your business. But with so many internet marketing agencies out there, how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are five key factors to take into account when choosing an internet marketing agency:

Affordability. Some …

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