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We Guarantee our Professional Services and to Improve Business Objectives, Not Rankings

When it comes to improving your business’s online visibility and market presence, you may have heard that achieving better keyword rankings is what you need to do. However, while keywords are a factor in helping to increase things like traffic and conversion rates, keyword rankings on their own are not the whole answer to meeting your business objectives.

The problem with focusing simply on rankings

Taken in isolation, keyword rankings tend to provide a very narrow focus. For a start, relevant keyword rankings will differ to some extent for each individual based on their browsing habits, location, social connections, the device they are searching on, and other variable factors.

In addition, a simple keyword phrase entered into a search engine may bring up matches that have no relevance whatsoever to the user. Anyone can fill their site content with enough keywords to attempt to improve their rankings, while not providing the user with anything really useful.

An over-emphasis on rankings may also mean placing less focus on the quality of the site’s content. According to Google’s SEO starter guide, good content is likely to be the most important factor in influencing the visibility of your website in the search engine rankings. On the other hand, poor quality content is likely to adversely affect your business’s search rankings, which is no doubt the opposite of what you would like to see!

A wider perspective is required

At SEO for Small Business, we take a broader view of optimisation. We aim to improve your site’s visibility at the search engine level for a wide range of phrases (not just a few competitive ones), user intent and questions that are going to have relevance to the products and services you offer. This is particularly important given the recent changes to Google’s search algorithms that provide a greater focus on the meaning of the words entered, rather than just bringing up exact matches.

We also recognise that the aim of being in business is more than just making it to the top of the search engine rankings. As such, we want to help you reach your overall business objectives, rather than merely improving your keyword rankings.

In order for your website to meet your business objectives, it needs to be optimised in such a way that people really want to engage with you and do business with you, and so that you can improve your ROI.

We understand the importance of increasing brand awareness, building your business’s social community and engagement, optimising for conversions to leads, sales and sign ups, and enhancing the user experience to improve your site’s bounce rate and the amount of time users spend on it.

How we can help

As mentioned at the start, we guarantee our professional services, and to improve business objectives, not rankings alone.

Our SEO Business Packages include getting to know your business and its main objectives together with an understanding of your target market, their needs and wants.

The combination of our strategies are aimed at increasing targeted traffic to your site and improving the overall user experience, which leads to more conversions, helps you achieve your business’s overall aims, and improves your marketing ROI.

By Bill Vasiliadis having written 63 posts for SEO for Small Business Pty Ltd. Bill Vasiliadis is an Australian SEO Consultant with over 20 years of online experience. He has helped businesses of all sizes increase the return on investment from their online marketing spend.

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