What Are The Advantages of Faux Fur Wraps?

What Are The Advantages of Faux Fur Wraps?

Fur has recently undergone a revival in the fashion world and a faux fur wrap is a great way to keep warm during cold winter months. Faux fur wraps can be used for all ages, from newborn babies to adults, and their combination of softness, luxury and durability means that they can be enjoyed for years.

Whether you are ethically minded, fashion conscious or practical, faux fur has a number of benefits over real fur. Here are some of the main ones:


Many people choose faux fur over real fur because no animals are harmed during its creation. Fur farming is a notoriously inhumane practice, and one which consumers are becoming increasingly aware of due to the work of animal welfare organisations around the world. Choosing the cruelty free option means that you still get to take advantage of a product that is warm and feels wonderful, and you can enjoy a clean conscience in the process.

Cost effective

Faux fur is often considerably cheaper than real fur, which means that you can look great, without breaking the budget.

Fewer chemicals

As real fur is biodegradable, it has to be loaded with chemicals to preserve it and keep it from decomposing. Many of these chemicals are harsh and made from potentially harmful ingredients. Faux fur is synthetic and doesn’t need to be covered in harmful chemicals to stay in good condition, which is why faux fur wraps are such ideal garments for babies and children and anyone who has sensitive skin.

More breathable

Good quality faux fur is often more breathable than real fur, and wearing faux fur can mean there is less chance of overheating than if you were wrapped in animal fur. This is another reason why faux fur is great for babies and small children who may suffer considerably if they get overheated.

More environmentally friendly

Studies have been conducted that show the environmental impact of animal fur production and storage compared with the same quantity of faux fur. Fur farming and processing the fur once removed can be a serious environmental hazard due to the chemicals used in the production and treatment of the fur, and the pollution from farming the animals themselves. Real fur also requires more energy for cold storage and cleaning than faux fur.

Easier to care for

Faux fur is much lower maintenance than real fur. Real fur requires chemical cleaning and specific cold storage when not in use. This can be expensive and time consuming.

With faux fur you can usually wash it in the washing machine on a warm gentle cycle, or wash it by hand. A lot of faux fur can also be dry-cleaned and tumble dried.


Real fur is vulnerable to damage through wear and tear and getting wet. Faux fur is generally much more resilient, which makes it ideal for children and for everyday use. As well as being cheaper, faux fur can last longer than real fur and stays in great condition with a lot less maintenance, meaning that you save even more and get better value for money.

Faux fur wraps can be used by everyone in your family, and their appearance and softness are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. With so many advantages to faux fur, why would you want to use animal fur?

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