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“At SEO for Small Business Australia, we're committed to helping your small business grow.”

Who We Are

We’re Australia’s leading SEO company for small and medium-sized businesses, with services designed to increase your website traffic and turnover.

Your website is your 24/7 sales team. So, how does yours perform? Does it help to promote your business, increase leads, and generate income? It needs to be doing all three. 

This is not just about Google rankings; it is about supporting your online presence and digital marketing across all platforms to ensure you always get the right leads to your website. 


Why choose us?   

We’re different. 

We’re champions of small business. We know the unique challenges you face as your business grows. And we understand that you want a measurable return on every dollar you spend. 

We understand this because we’re a small business ourselves. We’ve built a reputation for delivering results, being accountable and transparent, and providing specialist services and exceptional advice you can count on. Our team is committed to keeping up with fast-paced advances and changes in SEO and digital marketing and ensuring our clients benefit.


Here’s what you can expect when you work with us

  • To deal directly with our team. You’ll never be lost in an automated phone system or a backlog of emails. We’re experts at most things virtual, but we’re always available in person.


  • The best strategic advice and detailed planning for your business. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all-all’ SEO strategy. We spend the time making sure that yours is unique to your business and can be adapted along with your changing marketing needs.


  • To learn alongside us. SEO has long been considered a ‘mystery’ and complex, but we aim to simplify it for our clients. We want you to understand why SEO is important, how it works, and how it benefits your business. We don’t want to bamboozle you with jargon and buzzwords or overwhelm you with perplexing information, but we want you to work with us as a team. Then, you can rest assured that we will take care of the intricate technical details. 


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Meet Bill


Meet Bill

Master of Digital Marketing

Bachelor of Computer Science

Bill Vasiliadis is one of Australia’s leading digital marketers, having up to 25 years of experience in the industry. With a Master of Digital Marketing degree from the University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Macquarie University, he has tremendous knowledge and experience. He has a rare combination of technical expertise, the ability to read and interpret stats and numbers, and creative marketing flair. He combines all three when delivering solutions to clients.

In 2011, he founded SEO for Small Business Australia after many years of working for digital agencies and large enterprises. Since then, the company has grown steadily, mainly from word-of-mouth referrals, repeat client business, strategic partnerships, and online visibility. 

The company has gained a solid market reputation for delivering successful SEO strategies that help businesses expand their online market share, capture more leads and sales, and increase the return on investment (ROI) from their marketing spend.

Bill is popular with clients because of his ‘no-nonsense approach, plain language, and straight-talking. He excels at helping clients understand SEO’s value to their business.

What Other Leaders in their Fields Say About Bill

Bill has been providing SEO for over two decades; he is a pioneer in the industry, a skilled technician, and a superb digital marketer. Highly recommended. ~ Mike Larcher, CEO @ acidgreen

Bill’s knowledge, passion, and dedication to Internet marketing are unparalleled. His outstanding results in SEO are a testament to the hours of research he spends to be ahead of the pack. With his strong presentation, client management skills, and technical knowledge, I consider Bill a true expert in the field and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. ~ David Meier, Global Vice President of Product Design @ Finder (former Head of Product Design @ Zip Co Limited and Head of Product Design @ domain.com.au)

I’ve worked with Bill for a mutual client and have seen his professionalism, knowledge, and experience in search engine optimisation and marketing. I would recommend him and his company to others looking for results. ~ Arash Rostami, Head of IT @ Fujifilm Australia

As a web developer, I cannot imagine a better SEO professional – co-worker than Bill, working with whom is a pleasure regarding clear optimisation instructions and project planning, consistently achieving expected results. ~ Vladimir Kundrat, Former Lead Developer @ acidgreen

Bill has completed a valuable document template about social media strategy that we’re further developing in-house. I have no problem recommending Bill’s work and look forward to working with him in the future. ~ Mihajlo Naumovic, Former COO @ Dejan Marketing

What Clients Say About Bill

Exceptional service. Honest and realistic advice and guidance throughout. Bill has a passion for SEO and is very easy to work with. He has helped my business excel so well in just a short period. ~ Jimmy Singh, Principal Lawyer @ Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia

I’ve worked with Bill and SEO for Small Business on several projects, and they’ve always been very efficient, thorough, and professional. The advice, support, and guidance have always been tremendously beneficial. Highly recommended. ~ Paul Ryan, Founder @ Intouch Finance

I highly recommend Bill Vasiliadis and SEO for Small Business Australia – as a new business, we made the best decision to engage Bill Vasiliadis. ~ Ted Neaves, Principal Lawyer @ Shoalhaven Lawyers

Working with Bill from SEO for Small Business Australia has been a pleasure. The results have been amazing. We are updated regularly with what’s going on, and the customer service has been great. As a small business, it’s always a pleasure to work with another competent small business. ~ Murray Roach @ Billabong Spas

Very efficient and knowledgeable. Bill helped us structure our site correctly, and we’re now reaping the rewards. Highly recommend. ~ Angus Woods, Founder @ Adviser Ratings

Working with Bill and his team from SEO for Small Business Australia has been a pleasure. The results from all his work have been truly amazing, and in no time, our business was on the first page of Google. I will continue to work with Bill and his team in the future and highly recommend him.  ~ Sherleen Chand, Principal Lawyer @ Criminal Lawyers Sydney

Our Values


Honest & Trustworthy

We set realistic expectations and achievable targets



Our work is always within search engine guidelines



We are always available to speak with you



We always deliver on time and to the highest standard


Meet the team


Bill Vasiliadis

Founder & Managing Director

Bill is a leading Digital Marketing Consultant with up to twenty-five years of online experience.


Leoni Seysan

Digital Marketing & Content Manager

Leonie has over a decade of experience planning and managing digital strategy and content for Australian businesses.


Mark Hoad

Digital Marketing Consultant

Mark has many years of experience in Search Engine Optimisation specialising in Conversion Rate Optimisation and Data Analytics.


Elias Doumit

Digital Marketing Consultant

Elias is an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant specialising in SEO, PPC, and Digital Strategy.


Sonia Hickey

Content Specialist

Sonia’s specialty is writing for businesses that want to see their Google rankings soar! Her articles appear regularly in some of Australia's best-read online publications.


Sam McFarlane

Social Media Manager

Sam is an experienced Social Media Manager specialising in creating content for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that increases authority, visibility, and brand recognition to drive business growth.


Ana Zrnic

Web Design Manager

Ana is a very talented and experienced UX/UI Designer having worked on a diverse range of projects.


Suki Roh

Senior Web Designer

Suki is a talented designer with an artistic background who incorporates her business, entrepreneurial, and analytical skills into her work.


Jeremy Bentvelzen

Web Development Manager

Jeremy is a self-confessed nerd with in-depth knowledge in NET, MSSQL, and PHP/MySQL.


Vladimir Kundrat

Technical SEO

Vlad is a senior Web Application Developer with expertise in Technical SEO.

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“It has been a pleasure working with Bill and his team from SEO for Small Business Australia. The results from all his work have been truly amazing and in no time our business was on the first page of Google. I will continue to work with Bill and his team in the future and highly recommend him.”

Sherleen Chand, Criminal Lawyers Sydney

“We started using Bill last year and have been very happy with his service since. He is incredibly responsive and is generally available to answer the phone or an email when we need it. We have noticed improvements in several areas of our SEO and are keen to see what the next steps in our SEO strategy bring. We would definitely recommend engaging SEO for Small Business Australia Pty Ltd.”

Katie McGovern, Patricia Holdings

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Bill from SEO for Small Business Australia. The results have been amazing. We are kept up to date regularly with what’s going on and the customer service has been great. As a small business, it’s always a pleasure to work with another competent small business.”

Murray Roach, Billabong Spas

“Bill has been a great in getting our SEO set up and running for our meditation business.”

Mairead Ball, Bondi Meditation Centre

“If you are looking for SEO services for small business, this is definitely the one - knowledgeable, easy to work with and great value.”

Nancy Wang, RivetLab Pty Ltd

“I highly recommend Bill Vasiliadis and SEO for Small Business Australia – as a new business, the best decision we made was to engage Bill Vasiliadis.”

Ted Neaves, Shoalhaven Lawyers

“A very professional no-nonsense approach which we appreciated. Makes everything easy to understand and is very clear on the improvements he can deliver. ”

Andrw Harvey, The Optical Co

“After trusting in two other SEO companies over the last 5 years and getting horrible results, 5 months ago I started with Bill and the results have been great and we have only been doing business with him for a short time so I'm super confident that my business's future is going to be amazing. I highly recommend trusting Bill and his team.”

Robin Wickens, Sheepskin Tailors

“Great service with great results, highly recommend.”

Marnie Fawns, Tri to Swim

“Bill has been great to work with and has provided good results.”

Brian Scales, Glen Erin at Lancefield

“Bill has detailed knowledge of SEO, we are a demanding client that has some robust measurements on our ROI and Bill manages to find solutions and report back in line with our KPI's on a weekly basis.”

Graham Budinger, Signal Advantage

“Bill from SEO for Small Business Australia has been great. Easy to deal with, flexible with small business budgets, and already achieving great results.”

Lyn Fisher, Moss Furniture

“Extremely impressed with Bill and his team. The work they did was really in-depth & thorough. Within just a few days I was at the top of the second page of Google, and Bill has given me advice to further increase my rankings. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs SEO help.”

Jordy Fabian, Organised Simplicity

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