Identifying reasons to wear name badges

Why are employees made to wear name badges? The most obvious reason is because they are a means of easy identification for customers and other staff members. Name badges allow staff members to be easily identified, and this can have numerous benefits. Some organisations use permanent name badges, while others go for the flexibility of reusable name badges.

It’s easy to design reusable name badges that comply with your company’s image and branding. Name badge supplier Signal Advantage has a large range of name badge solutions, including reusable name badges. You can customise and design them online, lodge your order, and you’ll have a new batch of name badges shipped to you within days.

The reusable name badges offered by Signal Advantage have a scratch-resistant surface, meaning they will keep in pristine condition after multiple uses. They also have a unique thumb cut feature that makes it easy to replace names.

As mentioned, name badges are primarily used as a form of identification. It’s a simple and effective way to keep track of employees and visitors, and ensure that only authorised people enter a workplace.

Name badges also make it easy to identify people in large companies. You can immediately see which department an employee is from.

There are a number of different professions that can benefit from name badges. Customer service staff can more effectively provide quality service if customers know who is serving them. It also makes it easier for customers to give feedback, which of course is beneficial to the business. There’s no greater advertisement than great customer service, as this story attests.

Name badges are often used in a corporate workplace environment. Employees who are often dealing with clients or looking to establish business contacts can more effectively develop a rapport with people if they are wearing name badges.

Name badges can also be effective marketing tools for a business, featuring a logo, and any identifiable colour scheme.

The advantages of being able to easily identify employees are numerous, especially in a large company. Consider the steps that need to be taken when allocating work:

  • Consult and collaborate with a number of people to determine how the work is to be allocated. Decide what tasks need to be performed and the people best equipped to perform those tasks.
  • Get the team together and discuss the roles that each person will have.
  • Ensure someone is identified as being responsible for the overall action plan, and make sure someone is responsible for each step of the plan.
  • Draw up an action plan which details the tasks that need to be performed, who’s responsible for them, when they need to be completed by, and what the outcome should be.
  • Monitor each step of the action plan to determine whether any employees need to be allocated differently.

It is far easier for a company – especially one that has a lot of staff and several departments – to follow these steps if all employees are easily identifiable.

Whether your employees have permanent or reusable name badges, what’s important is that the badges are legible and reflect the values and image of the company. There is certainly a place for permanent name badges, as they can provide your company with a prestigious look. However, reusable name badges can also look very professional, and can help reduce waste, and make the process of producing name badges more practical.

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