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Name Badges – how important are they for your business?

Every business operator knows the importance of developing a personal relationship with their customers. The first step to building that relationship is enabling your customers to easily identify your staff by name. As soon as we know someone’s name we immediately have a connection with them, they are no longer a complete stranger. Wearing a name badge sends a message that your staff are ready to engage with customers and available to help.

A more personalised customer experience

A staff name badge allows your staff to be easily recognised and identified by customers looking for assistance. Providing your staff with name badges allows for a more personalised experience for your clients and customers. It also gives your customers a greater sense of confidence that they are speaking to someone who is qualified to help them. Name badges also improve your in-store security by providing staff with a greater profile in your store and ensuring staff can be easily identified in all areas of your business.

A branding opportunity

Custom name badges can be created in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They can be made to reflect your company colours, font and logo and enhance your company’s professional appearance.

Wearing a branded name badge at conferences, seminars and trade shows is a great way of helping potential new clients to link your name to your company’s. Having the company logo on your name badge is an effective and subtle way of increasing your company’s branding. It helps clients and customers make the clear connection between the company and the people that work there. All business is built on relationships and your name badge is a simple yet effective tool in building and strengthening those business relationships.

A networking aid

Name badges are also invaluable as networking tools at seminars, conferences, meeting and trade shows.  Remembering people’s name can be difficult, especially when you are in a large gathering. Wearing a name badge ensures everyone knows who you are and which company you represent. It makes it easier for people to approach you and enables you to be more easily identified in a crowded room.

Building your business means building your contacts and extending your company’s reach into your existing, new and emerging markets. A name badge is one small but important element in your marketing plan. With all the hype about utilising the internet to promote your business through developing websites, engaging in social media and so on, it can be easy to forget the basics of good business – an authentic relationship. A name badge is a small, yet not insignificant element in creating that authentic relationship with your customers and clients.

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